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This website is an introduction to WSU Ventures – our team and our processes. It is also a great reference for key information anytime you have a question about intellectual property, industry sponsored research projects, technology transfer or creation of startups. The site covers:

“Tied to the importance of basic research is the quest to see that research results in new inventions, innovations and technologies that can be marketed, usually in collaboration with industry and private-sector enterprises.”

Dr. John Bardo, President of Wichita State University


You’re proud of your innovation. You’ve worked hard, and arrived at this new technology, be it a cure for cancer, a software tool, an assessment instrument, a new design, a process improvement or some other creation of mind. You can’t wait to apply it to real life situations, watch it grow and take shapes you never thought possible. It’s time to take it to the next level.

It’s time to tell the world what your idea can offer. Let us help you share your work with others who will further the research, continue the development or even help fund your startup. It all starts here, at WSU Ventures. Get started by filling out an intellectual property disclosure form.


Your inventions and ideas become most valuable when they can be perfected and made available to society for the benefit of many. Technology (or knowledge) transfer augments traditional academic activities (such as publishing and presenting research or developing teaching tools). It can greatly enhance the influence of your work by putting it to work. Commercializing your ideas and inventions is the process of innovation; WSU Ventures exists to assist you, WSU and our partners to be successful in accomplishing this. We believe that great connectivity, communication and teamwork are vital to our success.


WSU Ventures provides support and assistance to all Wichita State University faculty, staff and students who create intellectual property. Specifically, we engage in three primary activities:

  • Traditional university technology transfer
  • Assistance to entrepreneurs on campus who want to pursue their dreams of owning their own companies
  • Industry engagement by proactively seeking industry sponsored research

You may be a student in engineering or the natural sciences, with a novel invention. Or you may be a faculty or staff member in education, social sciences, or business that has developed software or training materials that could have value if made available to the market. No matter the case, WSU Ventures can help you transfer the results of your academic work to activities outside the university. If you’re not sure if your idea qualifies, please contact us; we welcome the opportunity to work with you.

Contact us to learn more about finding industry partners to support your research.