1. How should I protect my idea?

As an innovator, you want to see your ideas or inventions be commercialized for public benefit. In some cases a patent may be the correct method to protect your idea; in other cases, a copyright registration may be the most appropriate. For Wichita State University faculty, staff, and students we will evaluate the best method of protection.

2. Will filing a patent prevent me from publishing or presenting my research?

No! You can simultaneously work with WSU Ventures to obtain your patent and participate in the full range of academic activities such as teaching, research, publication, speaking at conferences, etc. We just need to ensure that the patent application is filed before you publicly disclose your invention.

3. How much does a patent cost? Who pays for it?

Filing for and receiving an allowed patent is an expensive and multi-year process that can easily cost upwards of $20,000 – much more if foreign patent protection is sought. For Wichita State University inventors, WSU Ventures is responsible for determining whether patent protection will be pursued on your invention, and for paying these patenting costs. Ultimately, WSU Ventures seeks to be reimbursed for these costs by companies that license WSU patents.

4. How will WSU Ventures find a party interested in my innovation?

Once we’ve discussed the innovation and applied for a patent (if applicable), the next step is marketing your innovation to potentially interested parties. For Wichita State University faculty, staff, and students we’ll use our industry and community contacts, connections and market insights to attract potential licensees for your technology.

5. How long does the licensing process take?

Many details are considered during the licensing process, so it could take weeks or even months before negotiations are settled. Factors that determine the licensing time frame include negotiation of royalties and other terms of the deal, the responsiveness of all parties, and the number of approvals required before an agreement can be reached.

6. Can I help decide who licenses my innovation?

Though WSU Ventures is ultimately responsible for identifying licensees and negotiating license agreements for Wichita State University, licensing deals are often completed with companies that were originally identified by inventors, or with whom inventors have already collaborated. Input from inventors regarding potential licensees is sought and welcomed. And if you are interested in forming your own company to license your innovation, we can discuss that option with you as well.

7. I’m interested in collaborating with industry. How can WSU Ventures help?

WSU Ventures has many industry contacts and a deep understanding of how industry works with universities. We can help Wichita State University staff and faculty identify and reach out to companies that would be interested in collaborating with them through a sponsored research or other form of agreement.

8. I’m ready to get started. Who should I speak to at WSU Ventures?

Please call us at (316) 978-5363, or simply email us at wsuventures@wichita.edu. You can also view our Team Directory if you’re looking for someone in particular.