1. Is it possible for a company to own the Intellectual Property (IP) resulting from sponsored research at the university?

Research at Wichita State University generates a diverse portfolio of technologies available for license. The intellectual property (IP) rights to any innovations developed or discovered solely by Wichita State University researchers are owned by WSU. WSU Ventures is responsible for managing Wichita State University intellectual property, and for licensing rights to this IP to industry. View details about WSU Research with Industry.

2. Can my company collaborate with Wichita State University on research and development?

Wichita State University has a wide range of outstanding research as well as unique facilities and capabilities. We welcome collaboration with industry. You may contact us about your specific interests or needs, or you may certainly contact Wichita State University researchers directly. We will facilitate your collaboration with Wichita State University to make it easy and straightforward. Please contact Becky Hundley, Intellectual Property & Contracts Manager, at (316) 978-5199.