Dr. Rick Armstrong, Ph.D.

Title: Associate Professor

Department: Elliot School of Communication

1. How long have you worked at Wichita State?

28 years.

2. Where did you work before you worked at Wichita State?

New Mexico State University and the State University of New York-College at Brockport.

3. Alma Mater:

Southern Utah University (BA), Brigham Young University (MA), Bowling Green State University (Ph.D.).

4. Research areas of interest:

Religious rhetoric (especially Mormon rhetoric)

5. Classes taught:

Public Speaking, Speaking in Business and the Professions, Persuasion, Interpersonal Communication, Intercultural Communication, Small group Communication, Training and Development, Organizational Communication, Communication Analysis and Criticism.

6. What spurred the development of this technology/innovation/research?

I train new Elliott School GTA’s to each Comm. 111-Public Speaking each August. I needed a method to introduce them to a variety of instructor-student situations that could arise during the semester. I had been using an early 1980’s instructional video from the University of Washington to spur discussions and how to deal with a number of possible student situations. Although the video was certainly helpful, it was becoming increasingly dated, so I decided to create a more contemporary video with more situations.

7. Who do you envision as potential or ideal licensees?

Any college or university seeking to prepare their new professors, part-time instructors, and GTA’s to appropriately handle potentially challenging instructor-student situations . New instructor institutional orientations or departmental orientations could benefit from using the Teaching Encounters video.

8. What does Innovation Campus mean to you?

An extremely supportive environment where faculty and staff are encouraged to develop their ideas into marketable outputs that could potentially benefit the target audience/consumer, the innovator and the university.

9. When did you become interested in your profession?

I enjoyed competitive debate in high school and college and was inspired by an excellent communication professor in college who taught his students how valuable communication skills are.

10. Where is your favorite place on campus?

My office, Elliott Hall classrooms, the RSC.

11. What is the best thing about being a Shocker?

It’s a great feeling being associated with a “going places” university that encourages innovation. It’s also great to be part of a very collegiate work force.

12. Favorite lunch spot:

The Asian restaurant at the RSC.

13. Hobbies:

I’m trying to become a novelist. Much more difficult than I had imagined.

Rick photo