Dr. Sue Abdinnour, Ph.D.

Title: Professor

Department: Finance, Real Estate, and Decision Sciences, W. Frank Barton School of Business

1. How long have you worked at Wichita State?

17 years, since August 1998

2. Where did you work before you worked at Wichita State?

University of Wisconsin

3. Alma Mater:

Indiana University, Bloomington

4. Research areas of interest:

Operations Management, Process Re-engineering, Business Modeling, Spreadsheet Analytics, Logistics Management, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Supply Chain Management, Information Technology Selection/Implementation/Usage, and Website Usability.

5. Classes taught:

Operations Management (undergraduate, MBA, EMBA), Spreadsheet Modeling (undergraduate, graduate), Management Science (graduate), ERP (graduate), Simulation (undergraduate), and several professional development classes through Center of Management Development at WSU (cmd.wichita.edu).

6. What spurred the development of this technology/innovation/research?

Building a product on an assembly line goes back to Henry Ford who built the first moving assembly line in 1913. The paced assembly line is still a viable production process today, from building simple products to complex products like an aircraft. Having visited several plants with assembly lines, I set up to design a model/algorithm to improve the efficiency of an assembly line by minimizing the number of workstations on the line and ensuring that work at a workstation is completed in station. I worked with a local aircraft manufacturing company to implement the model manually. After providing the company with the newly designed assembly layout, I published the underlying model/algorithm in an elite refereed journal, I designed a web-based software to implement my model. This model –based software (ALDA) helps companies reduce manufacturing chaos, increase efficiency, and reduces costs significantly, especially Work In Progress (WIP) costs.

7. Who do you envision as potential or ideal licensees?

Any manufacturing company (big, medium, small) that utilizes a paced assembly line. However, ALDA can also be customized to be used by project managers of service processes. In this case, an employee can represent a workstation.

8. What does Innovation Campus mean to you?

Solidifying the relationship between industry and academia, faculty benefit by turning their research into innovative technologies, companies benefit by testing their ideas using state of the art research, technologies, and facilities. Students benefit by having applied learning while working with companies on competitive projects using the latest techniques. All this makes WSU an Innovation Campus.

9. When did you become interested in your profession?

I have been interested in business at a young age, having been raised in an entrepreneurial family. I always found math and analytical models easy to learn so applying math and different analytical models to businesses to help them make better decisions became my passion.

10. Where is your favorite place on campus?

Rhatigan Student Center

11. What is the best thing about being a Shocker?


12. Favorite lunch spot:

Shocker Hall

13. Hobbies:

Traveling and spending time with family

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