An Accessory to Expand the Field of View for Wearable Devices and its Applications

Wichita State University is seeking companies interested in licensing a patent-pending accessory for wearable devices and its applications that achieve over 180 degree field of view.


Researchers and practitioners hope to use wearable devices, such as Google Glass, for their observational research, training, and communication. However, the built-in cameras in these wearable devices often have a limited field of view. For example, the Google Glass camera can only capture about 70 degrees, which restricts the application of these wearable devices. WSU researchers in the field of usability testing are conducting ongoing research using a WSU-developed accessory and application, uSee Glass, that allows users to remotely see through the camera of Google Glass. The uSee software is available for licensing from WSU. An expanded field of view for Google Glass will increase the effectiveness for use by researchers, healthcare workers and drivers with disabilities.


  • A complex lens array to achieve over 180 degree field of view.
  • The accessory lens can easily be attached to Google Glass.
  • It can help all researchers and practitioners who use Google Glass for image capture or video streaming.


  • Doctors, drivers, pilots
  • Research, healthcare and drivers with disabilities


  • Available for license/purchase and patent-pending
  • Potential for ongoing collaboration with inventors, Dr. Jibo He, Long Wang and Dr. Barb Chaparro
Available Tech An Accessory

  • Jibo He
  • Long Wang
  • Barbara Chaparro

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Rob Gerlach
Director of Technology Transfer