Comprehensive Electronic Data Reporting System (CEDRS)

Wichita State University is seeking companies interested in licensing a CEDRS for Banner users in Colleges of Education to enhance productivity and proficiency of accreditation and candidate monitoring for educator preparation.


Colleges of Education across the United States operate under required reporting mandates from state and federal agencies. The number and scope of these reports are growing as new federal policies to transform teacher education nationwide are being implemented. Further, the majority of colleges of education seek affiliation with the American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education and its national accreditation Body, Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) (formerly NCATE) which requires extensive additional data collection and reporting. Many colleges of education find they need a “homegrown” system(s) in order to collect and report all the required data in its different formats. At this time, there is no one data management system that provides colleges of education with a comprehensive and easy-access method to meet the multiple reporting requirements. WSU College of Education received praise from the reaccreditation team during last site visit for developing an “innovative and highly effective” system. A market analysis survey conducted by WSU in the past 6 months revealed an overwhelming need for a system such as the WSU CEDRS program.


  • Enhanced efficiency and productivity for Colleges of Education
  • Significant decrease in staff time required in preparing reports for accreditation
  • Simultaneous collection of data related to the individual teaching candidate, the program/s, and the entire teacher education unit (college)
  • System allows for progress feedback at individual level as well as overall efficacy of programs within the college
  • Comprehensive reporting and tracking system with more than 80 reports


  • Available for license/purchase
  • Registered copyright


“… currently using TOAD to extract data out of Banner and then using Excel to filter/sort through data to get information we need for various reporting. Faculty and advisors have requested that we invest in a database that would be able to store all the information we’re currently keeping in Excel spreadsheets and Google docs. We are in the midst of looking for a data base that might t our needs. We need a system that allow for both data and narrative information to be stored.”

- Survey Respondent



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Becky Hundley
Contracts & Intellectual Property Manager