Splinting Device: High Performance, Fast-SETting Composite Article for Improved Stabilization

Wichita State University is seeking companies interested in licensing a patent-pending novel moldable rapid setting field splint that cures in as quickly as 45 seconds and provides remarkably improved stabilization compared to the current leading devices.


The Center of Innovation for Biomaterials and Orthopaedic Research (CIBOR) has developed a novel moldable rapid setting field splint that consists of a multilayer body comprising a variety of combinations of fiber-reinforced composite, encapsulating film, insulating barriers, and/or a resin distribution system in order to produce the desired results. When the splinting device is taken out of its lightweight packaging, it is initially easily conformable, allowing for shape manipulation and ease of application to an injured patient.

After it is applied, the device reaction is initiated and cures, creating a stiff and strong construct that provides stability to the treated limb. The improved material handling characteristics, built-in strap fixation, and device stiffness allow the product to superiorly stabilize fractures, decreasing soft tissue damage during patient transportation.


  • Improves fracture stabilization and reduces risk of soft tissue damage during transport
  • Cures to a rigid construct in as quickly as 45 seconds
  • Treats multiple types of injuries due to its conformable material and adaptable design
  • Maintains elevated stiffness and strength and maintains for longer than comparable devices during extended usage
  • Broad applications
  • Any need for a rapid-setting rigid article for use as a stick, patch, stiffener, support, etc.
  • Immobilization or support of injured limbs and/or other body parts in humans and animals


  • Available for license and pending-patent
  • Potential for ongoing collaboration with CIBOR inventors and other Wichita State University researchers.