Teaching Encounters


Teaching Encounters is an instructional DVD for those new to teaching at the university level. It includes 10 scenarios than can be used as a dialogue-starter for how to handle situations unique to the university setting, especially those arising between student and instructor. Teaching Encounters dramatizes sample encounters and then asks questions related to the situation depicted. This allows the trainer to lead new instructors in a discussion of how to deal with the situation, what institutional policies apply to the situation and what institutional resources are available to help deal with the situation. The trainer can introduce any number of other possible instructor-student encounters and provide new instructors with viable resolutions. This training tool can prevent new instructors from the consequences related to mishandling of sensitive student-teacher situations.


  • Better relationship between student and instructor
  • More respect from students for instructor
  • Instructor more knowledgeable of institutional policies regarding student classroom conduct


  • Institutions of higher education in Kansas and across the United States


  • Available for license/purchase and patent-pending
  • Potential for ongoing collaboration with creator, Dr. Richard Armstrong
Teaching Encounters

  • Dr. Richard Armstrong

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Rob Gerlach
Director of Technology Transfer